A/R-Financing / Invoice Factoring

NOTE: Please Email Completed Application Along WITH 

- Past 6 Months Business Checking

- Driver's License

- Voided Check

- A/R, A/P report

to info@mwholdingsgroupllc.com to expedite the process!

As a business owner, you recognize the value of your Accounts Receivable (AR). Though it represents revenue, your Accounts Receivable falls critically short of having money in the bankā€¦Until Now!!!

Factoring has become one of the preferred methods for providing working capital to businesses. This service is a useful tool when you cannot afford to wait 30, 60, or 90 days to collect payment from your customers or third party insurance company if you are a healthcare provider.

You sell your accounts receivable (invoices or insurance claims) to a specialized financial institution (Factor). The factoring company will advance you an amount less than the face value of the invoice or insurance claim, usually between 70% and 80%. When the Factor collects the full amount of the invoice or insurance claim, you will receive the rebate (Face Value minus the Advance minus the Factoring Fee). Click for FAQs.