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As a business owner, you recognize the value of your Accounts Receivable (AR). Though it represents revenue, your Accounts Receivable fall critically short of being money in the bank…Until Now!

As a healthcare provider, if you are looking to grow your business, bring in new equipment, and/or finance a building, factoring may be your best solution.

Sometimes a physician will use factoring as they wind down their practice. Because the fixed costs of running a medical practice (rent, utilities, insurance, etc.) don’t decline as the practice slows down…factoring can also solve these cash flow challenges.

If you do business with any government entity, you understand the definition of slow pay. With factoring get your cash immediately and bid on an unlimited number of contracts.

If your business is restricted from reaching its full potential by conventional bank financing, rapid growth, high leverage, or a short operating history, we will tailor a cash flow solution specific to your needs! Our focus is assisting established and early stage companies.  

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