R. Dunhower, CFO, IT Company

  "Went to three banks and was turned down by all of them. I began researching alternative financing strategies and that is when I found factoring."  

"My bank didn't approve me for a loan. Luckily for me, my accountant knew about a great option factoring. Within two weeks, the bank was out, the factor was in and my cash flow and profits started coming back."

  D. Robinson, CEO, Products Manufacturer  

 M. Perdue, CEO, Staffing Company

"Customers were paying me in 35 days. I needed cash immediately. Factoring was the answer. By factoring my receivables, I was able to generate cash flow to continue growing."

 B. Sloan, President, Distribution Company  

"I thought my customers were going to pay in 30 days. It turns out they are paying me in 60. Factoring is my salvation. Now I am getting the cash I need within 2 days after creating an invoice."